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June 7th, 2012

About DC-10...

Achieved fame and notoriety after many years of good management, DC10 has reached so high because it offers a unique experience within the environment of Ibiza disco. When first opened in 1999 and it still is today, was a party place without limits, hedonistic, where you can dance till you drop that was totally off the radar of dance movement.

In contrast with other clubs, continue to do nothing or very little publicity for their parties, which means that they are aware of what is and the ultimate reason, the music. The longevity and success of DC10 should ultimately provide a devotion to underground electronic music and sound quality.

On the disco

At the main entrance is accessed from the parking lot and from there you enter the garden area - this is used in the Close as a third dance floor. After entering the disco across the bow with the name of DC10 are already inside, a demonic womb sounds strident, powerful bass and retarded fetuses swimming in a very dense amniotic fluid chemically speaking.

If you swim towards the light you're about to enter the area of mind known as a terrace and the DC10 has made famous throughout the world. In the DJ booth at the end of the terrace fit about 5 people but usually there will be about 50, which explains that some of them by throwing up people in what would be the version disco rock singers on stage.

Originally the terrace was outside and went through several stages of coverage before you placed your current roof in 2007, which unfortunately masked one of the defining features of the DC10, the roar of aircraft approaching the runway that is less than 50m.

The club has gone through several stages in the colors of your walls, originally yellow, then red and orange back to yellow and from 2010, a deep red!.

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