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June 1sth, 2012

About Pacha...

Created in Ibiza in 1973, this small historic country home has grown to become the dominant brand in the world of clubbing, still the club of Ibiza the main engine and the jewel in the crown group. With a reputation of bringing the world of disco style high grade is unrivaled when it comes to providing your event the most elegant VIP.

Pacha is inextricably linked to the Ibiza and the name itself represents much more than a nightclub, is the mark of a lifestyle that continues to grow with franchises all over the world. Ultimately, the fireworks (often literally) in the club who are a real source of inspiration and the reason that Pacha is still No. 1 destination of Ibiza as far as clubs are concerned.

Famous for: being the most storied club in Ibiza, cherries, VIP tables everywhere, sophisticated clubber, the playground of the rich and famous, mega-star DJs like Guetta and Erick Morillo.

Directions: taxi from Ibiza Town € 10, € 15 from Playa D'en Bossa, 20-25 € from San Antonio. Buses to and from Ibiza town. At Pacha Ibiza walking distance from town (nice walk along the promenade) in about 10-15 minutes.

Local Festivals: F *** Me I'm Famous, Subliminal, Cadenza, Flower Power and in 2012 the novelty of seeing Tiesto Pacha join the schedule for parties unforgettable

On the Disco

Pacha nightclub is spectacular, with a luxurious feel, almost palatial and exotic charm is detected antique decor and design. In terms of distribution, does not stop Pacha surprise and probably will cost a long time to know your way around inside. To where it does, we are sure that you have not yet found the Funky Room.

As you enter and you have several options. To your left, almost at your back is the room where you will hear about Sweet Spanish music and shopping and next is the entrance to the restaurant. Below is a door on your right that takes you to the Global Room with its environment 'lounge' and seats at various levels.

Walking straight from the front door you get to the main hall of the club, the Main Room, flanked by an abundance of VIP tables, which dominate the room. To your right you will see the great DJ booth and you'll notice at least two floors up and around the sides of the disc.

And now where?! You can take two routes to the right and continue up until you go to a large terrace area. If you follow this path you will come finally turning to that crown jewel is the Funky Room, a real treat. Crossing the Funky Room back out into the Main Room.

This is just a brief tour of the club and does not do any justice to the charm.

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