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June 7th, 2012

About Paradis...

Does the club's most beautiful island? Possibly, and almost has an aura of paradise as the name suggests. A secret garden maze projecting glamor, Es Paradis has been open since the mid 70's and is one of the original charms of Ibiza night.

A rite of passage for most people who visit the island, Es Paradis is a teacher in captivate visitors to Ibiza for the first time and his infamous Fiesta Del Agua is the ultimate experience in the vacation of a clubber ...

On the disco

Possibly the most beautiful club you can find. The huge glass pyramid (with a sunroof for those nights when the atmosphere heats) is one of the key points of San Antonio. Inside, the club is decorated with Roman columns, marble furniture and tropical palm trees, you will be surprised for sure! If you have a chance, try to attend the 'Water Festival', where the dance floor is sunken underwater. Take away the shirt and diving! Everybody does it!

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