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June 7th, 2012

About Privilege...

Clearly, the 'World's Largest Disco "is in Ibiza, but even that assessment does not prepare you for the macro level we are talking about when we refer to Privilege. A Main Track size of an airplane hangar - most of the other clubs of Ibiza could fit inside - Privilege has forged his legend of grandeur and spectacle like no other can do.

Its principles, such as Ku, are a substantial part of the history of Ibiza and Manumission was inside one of the world's most famous festivals for over a decade. A pool in the center and layer upon layer of different levels of the club to explore, Privilege exceeds all preconceptions you have about what it is to experience a night of partying in a nightclub.

On the disco

If this is your first time at Privilege is likely to miss. It's easy desorientes you miss your friends and never to see them until God knows when.I will make new friends!.

Upon entering the superwide and down a ladder you find in the middle of one of the largest dance floors in the world.The DJ scene is suspended over a pool! In the end there is a stage for dancers, scantily clad, acting on dance numbers as sexy. For larger events the DJ acts there.

Above this room there is a latticed dome, which holds the signal of Privilege. On your left there is a terrace chill out at various levels. To his right, with open views to Ibiza Town is the gay bar above the average Coco Loco. In the far corner Cow.

Several sections of the club are open depending on the day and party whatsoever.

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