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June 7th, 2012

About Ibiza Rocks...

The indie rock is alive and well and has found a new home in Ibiza Rocks, the first real concert room in Ibiza.

In fact, Ibiza Rocks has shown that there is more to this island that superstars of dance floors and macrodiscotecas.

In the beginning, the Bar M was the main site for the live performances of Ibiza Rocks, but such was the success of this event that cried to heaven the need for a new space, and here is where the Ibiza Rocks Hotel.

This hotel brand, formerly Hotel Club Paradise, is now home to all Ibiza Rocks events and includes a stage permanently enabled, situated in the central courtyard.

The pool has become the key place, with memorable moments during and after the concerts to be a target for both artists and plunges the audience.

On the disco

It is a hotel so it's slightly different to any other site on the island, with the hall serving as the front of the house. The pool is within a larger courtyard of the Hotel and rooms are distributed around it, limiting the space for music venue with a permanent stage located on the side.

Therefore, the rooms overlooking the concert are highly coveted and there is a VIP floor looking from above the courtyard.

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